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You help fur kids get back on their paws!

The Joy and Responsibility of Being a Pet Owner

Pets offer a unique kind of companionship and unconditional love that’s hard to replicate. Studies even show that pets can provide health benefits to their owners. From reducing stress to lowering blood pressure, our furry friends can even help us socialize more often.

However, caring for pets also comes with responsibilities, including ensuring their well-being. Unfortunately, veterinary visits can be quite costly, leaving many pet owners in a bind between paying for medical care and covering household expenses. It's surprising to know that unexpected pet care bills can range from $150 to $3,000 per visit.

Meet Kanga – A Brave Pup Battling Gastrointestinal Issues

Kanga is a 3-year-old Black Mouth Cur mixed breed whose story is one of bravery and love. Her owner recently reached out for help when Kanga became very ill, displaying severe symptoms of dehydration and weakness.

Kanga's mom rushed her to the vet, where she was diagnosed with hemorrhagic gastroenteritis – an ailment that can be life-threatening if not treated promptly. Kanga was kept at the clinic overnight and given medicine, fluids, and antibiotics until she was well enough to return home.

Her mom loves her dearly, stating that Kanga is "the greatest love of my life." Despite her pain, Kanga tried to comfort her mom with sweet kisses. However, for those on a tight budget, such medical emergencies can be financially devastating.

Meet Hercules: A Furry Survivor

Hercules, the family pet, had a close brush with death one day when he was accidentally left in the dryer, while his family was doing laundry.

Hercules' mom was horrified when she found him injured and overheated. She knew she had to act fast and get him to a vet.

The only problem was that she struggled to make ends meet with her single income. She felt helpless and didn't know how she was going to afford the veterinary bill.

Meet Jeppy: The Brave Dog that Overcame a Fishing Mishap

Jeppy is a 3-year-old Chihuahua/Poodle Mix who loves spending time with his dad fishing. One day, when Jeppy's dad stepped away for a brief moment, the curious pup couldn't resist nibbling on a worm and ended up swallowing a fishing hook. Jeppy was rushed to the vet where his family was informed that he would require life-saving surgery to remove the hook.

Unfortunately, Jeppy's family is going through a tough time financially. His parents are young and recently had a baby, with his mom currently unemployed. The sole income provider is his dad, making it difficult to cover the unexpected veterinary bills. Despite the financial difficulties, Jeppy's family was committed to providing him with the care he needed, and he came out of the surgery successfully.

Assistance for Families with Pets in Campbell County, Wyoming

Thanks to Fur Kids Foundation, all of the families in Campbell County, Wyoming, who were struggling to pay for their pets' emergency veterinary expenses, received the aid they needed. This was only possible due to the generosity of supporters like you!

Would you consider donating $20 today? Your contribution will help animals like Kanga, Hercules, and Jeppy, and allow us to continue providing assistance to families in need of help with emergency veterinary care for their beloved pets.

On behalf of the Fur Kids Foundation volunteer board members - Tara Beard, Cody Friedlan, Marci Kelhi, Mary Melaragno, Felicia Messimer-Shannon, and Robynn Nehl - thank you for your support.

Your support remains crucial to giving our fur kids the love, care, and healthy future they deserve. Without you, Fur Kids Foundation wouldn’t be able to help our animal companions get back on their paws and with their loving families. Thank you for making pet health a priority.